Sunday, May 24, 2015

#Satchatwc Leadership Countdown

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Saturday morning is not a time for me to sleep in.  I set my alarm for 6:45 so that I can rise, make coffee and get ready for my favorite twitter chat #satchatwc.  It is a chat for all educational leaders wc stands for West Coast for those of us who can't make #satchat.  It begins at 7:30 am and it inspires many of the blog posts I write. This morning we had 7 questions and the responses were enlightening, humbling, thought provoking and gut wrenching.  There were over 2000 tweets in the hour which is pretty amazing.  CLICK HERE to read some of the tweets.

Thanks Shelley and Dave Burgess for moderating the chat!

I am going to share my tweets for each question (please use them as a beginning discussion, not inspiration).  Then I am going to challenge all readers and some specific folks in my PLN to share their countdown responses. 

Q1: You have 7 Words... Communicate the vision for your school.

For both of these tweets I was not only thinking of the student who might need an educator with this perspective, but also the teachers who need leaders to understand that in their hearts they do care about the kiddos.

Q2 You have 6 Words...  Build rapport and earn your staff's support.

For these tweets I also looked beyond the surface stress and fear of the student and/or teacher and wanted to show empathy.  I have always been a Pollyanna, one who refuses to give up on people.  In the classroom or or working with educators, I will not give up on those that are skilled at challenging me.

Q3 - Creating a positive culture is critical... How can you absolutely wreck a culture in 5 words...

Read my standards based grading posts...

Q4 - You have 4 words... What message do you want every student in your school/district to hear?

I want students to know that there are many perspectives and each one is valued.

Q5 - You have 3 words...  Empower your staff to take risks.

I want the teachers I work with to decide to change 1 thing and to connect it to their passion.

Q6 - What 2 words are essential if you want to enlist the support of your community?

Again when responding to this question I thought of the teacher who pushes and fights.  I want to just sit down and actively listen to find common ground.

Q7 - What 1 word will define your focus as a leader for the 2015-2016 school year?

I will be doing more coaching and I will be a better listener and be present when working with the teachers in my school district and be present with my family.

What are your countdown responses?  Any and all respond!  Please pass the challenge onto your PLN folks!

I challenge the following folks to provide their responses:

Eric Chagala Ed D. - He was not in the chat today and usually is a great contributor I want to hear his responses.
Any and all #GEGnorCal folks - perhaps a blogging challenge!
Any and all #cuerockstar folks.
Any and all #youredustory folks.

Have a great end of your school year!