Sunday, November 1, 2015

... And I Only Died 32 Times - Lessons from a Video Game


Just a quick pondering as I watch my son play a video game.

Skyler - "I'm stuck, I'm stuck, I'm stuck...
Dad - "What are you going to do?"
Skyler - "I'm going to figure it out - Mom says it's okay if something is hard because I need to be challenged.  I'm unstuck!  I made it to the next level!"  he exclaimed with confidence.
... and I only died 32 times.

I have a few questions:
  1. When is education going to stop putting a time limit on learning?
  2. When will mistakes and failure truly be embraced as learning experiences and growth opportunities?
  3. When will we look for the little incremental successes within the mistakes and/or failures to help students persevere and keep doing (remember according to Yoda there is no try)?
  4. How do we provide learning experiences that allow for multiple redos?
  5. How do we as educators support the students where they are to help move their thinking and understanding forward?
I could go on and on...

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