Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Accessible Learning for All (ALA) Series Introduction

Our district has a team participating in an Accessible Curriculum for All (ACA) cohort this year.  We are learning about accessibility tools for not only special needs students but for ALL students.  As we have learned about Universal Design Learning from CAST, I have integrated the tools into my STEAM and instructional coaching for the teachers in our district. 

I have changed the acronym from Accessible Curriculum for All (ACA) to Accessible Learning for All (ALA) because the point of the tools is to provide equal access to learning for ALL students. This post as an introduction of a series of blog posts I will be writing on the ALA topic.  

The first resource I am sharing was developed from what I have learned and practiced with my teachers and their students.   It is a Multi-media Text Set that has ALA tools with links to videos, screencasts, photos, and/or the play store.  Here is a link  CLICK HERE to access the document and the interactive slide below. 

 The next post will include HyperDoc lessons so you can see the ALA tools in action.

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