Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ending the School Year on a High Note 2016

The first thing I think of when I ponder ending the school year on a high note is the Seinfeld episode with George doing just that:

Las week I came across this post by Dave Burgess: How Will You End Your School Year?  After reading it, I started thinking of how to celebrate during our final STEAM class.  I was reminded of a family ritual we have on the Winter Solstice and a Paper Blogging activity I stole from Karen McMillan and I got an idea for how we can combine the three.

Here is the plan: (I'm still hashing out the details...)

We will give each student a blank piece of paper.  They will create an illustration based on how our STEAM time was meaningful to them this school year.  It could be anything, words, pictures, goals for sustaining their passion for STEAM, etc...  This will be something that teaches all who see it about each student's perspective of our year long experiment.

  • We may need to do some sort of brainstorming activity to get their ideas flowing
Then we will do the Silent Commenting using The Commenting Starters.  The students will write to each other silently on post it notes and circle the illustration with them.  Here is the process:
  • Everyone gets up and sits at a classmates illustration
  • They study the illustration and then using the commenting starters (See the link above) they will write a meaningful comment
  • When they are done they will stand up and if there is an empty desk they go and sit there and continue the process until everyone has commented on each other's illustration.
  • We will laminate these so that the kiddos can keep them and remember our year together.
The Paper Blog we did in Math Class

What plans do you have to celebrate your school year with your students?

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