Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Covered Wagon Maker/Design Challenge

Last week one of the STEAM teachers I work with weekly texted me and asked if I could find a Covered Wagon maker activity.  The great part of being an instructional coach is that the teachers call on me to do the leg work and research they do not have the time to do.  It is my goal to start by doing the research and activity creation to model for them.  As we are shifting pedagogy the teachers are overwhelmed and it is my job to take the fear out of the shift by creating, coaching, demonstrating, and collaborating with them.  As they build confidence, they will begin to slowly take over and start creating lessons on their own, but IT TAKES TIME.

Day 1:

  • we completed the Padlet (you have to let them play if it is their first time, just like manipulatives)
  • watched the video
  • read the articles 
  • collected information 
Day 2:
  • build the Covered Wagon
  • test how much weight they can hold
Day 3:

  • I'm going to add and application activity
  • I'm going to add a reflection activity

Here is what I created:  I have comments on the side to explain my process etc...

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