Monday, April 17, 2017

Introducing Makey Makeys

This week I will be working in many classrooms introducing Makey Makeys to our elementary students.  When introducing, I like to hand the student groups the Makey Makeys and then have them explore and figure out what to do or not do.  I like to force them to struggle and their teacher and I watch and reply: "I don't know" and "You can figure it out" when they ask questions about what to do.  Like many of my other STEAM activities, I created a simple HyperDoc to guide the students through the process.  I can push the document out on Google Classroom and the students can use it to guide their explorations.  In the following weeks we will be using the Makey Makeys to explore electrical circuits.  I'll share those explorations also.

CLICK HERE to view the Introduction to Makey Makey Activity HyperDoc

Have a great week!

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